Our Purpose

Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai (RKHS) exists to preserve the original waza (techniques) and kata (forms) collected and/or developed by Taira Shinken and to promote his system to all styles of Budo.To this end, the United States Headquarters exists to assist chartered shibu dojo (branch schools) in their day to day operations regarding the theory and practice of Taira Sensei’s kobudo.

Our Responsibilities

It is our responsibility to promote kobudo to its fullest while preserving the integrity of its original principles. We must strive to balance the dual goals of preservation and promotion. This is not always a simple task.

Preservation: To promote the art while sacrificing the integrity of it’s original combative and philosophical principles will render it worthless.

Promotion: If the art is not promoted; we will not attract the next generation of practionioners. If the next generation is not identified and developed, the art will soon cease to exist.

Our Approach

The members of this organization are from a multitude of styles, ideologies, and customs. Historically, such diversity has been the greatest strength of Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai.

With this diversity; RKHS is able to function as a part of various dojo and organizations without belonging exclusively to any one organization. By leveraging this diversity, Ryukyu kobudo may flourish without being integrated and subsequently changed by any one martial arts style or system.