Review of “Taira Shinken: Father of Ryukyu Kobudo”

By: John Sells


This is a historical documentary video on the life of Taira Shinken featuring original b&w footage of the master demonstrating bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku and the spear. The original footage is very old and has had some damage so the kata are incomplete, this is a collectors piece and not meant to be a “training video”.

The video is beautifully narrated by Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich, head of Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai USA. This video contains the history of Taira Shinken, the fluid movement of the master himself demonstrating kobudo kata, highlights from commemorative demonstrations on Okinawan including the 1995 Taikai, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Taira Shinken’s death.


Finally, what so many karateka have been waiting for is now available. The actual films of Shinken Taira, Kobudo’s most famous expert are for sale by the Martial Source. I recommend that any and all karateka get their own copy. You won’t believe what’s included on the tape and how many kata he does: from nunchaku to long spear, it’s all there. I can faithfully vouch for the tape as I WILL RECEIVE NO PAYMENT OR PERCENTAGE KICKBACK FROM THEIR SALE. NOT AT ALL.

I think it is that important, and over the years I’ve had so many people express how they’ve dreamed of such a tape. Well, NOW’s your chance. It’s an official record of Taira himself, at a time when he was still vibrant and working on perfecting his kata. Don’t miss this opportunity. If you’re interested in kobudo or already practice, this tape is a must. Forget politics of style, just get a copy of a true “old master” and enjoy.

While it’s true that none of the kata are announced or named, I will personally be happy to provide that information through the Martial Source or the United States Kobudo Association website. And at no cost to all serious queries. Even though I sell my own tapes, I see no conflict and am just as excited as everyone else should be. The Taira tape works great as a supplement to what I have to offer. This is what so many of you have been asking for — for years. So, please take advantage of this opportunity.

John Sells
Director of United States Kobudo Association
Hanshi, Seito Shito-Ryu Karatedo