Ryukyu Kobudo and Ti’ Media

Over the last ten years, the martial arts community has become increasingly aware of Ryukyu kobudo, Ti’ and their influence on the development of modern forms of karatedo. As part of our commitment to the promotion and preservation of Ryukyu kobudo, RKHS has been an active participant in the documentation of the history and traditions of Ryukyu kobudo in general, and the Taira -> Akamine line of study in particular.

With this in mind, we have contributed the following media resources to the larger body of historical research on the subject. Where available and appropriate, we have provided contact information for the authors of this material. Researchers are encouraged to contact authors directly for additional information and/or questions.

Video / DVD

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History & Traditions

Technical Reference

  • [DVD] RKHS Technical Series :: Bo Kihon by Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich
  • [DVD] RKHS Technical Series :: Sai Kihon by Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich


History & Traditions