Takara Sachi Yoshi Kyoshi

Takara Sachi Yoshi

Takara Sachi Yoshi Kyoshi was born in Oroku Village, Okinawa. At a very young age, he learned ti from his father. He moved to mainland Japan at the age of sixteen. There he met Sugihara Kenpu and studied Shuri-ti Shorin-ryu karate. Sugihara Sensei’s dojo was also a shibu (branch school) of Konishi Yasuhiro of Shinto Shizen-ryu karate. As a result, Takara was exposed to a broad base of waza. After ten years of study, Takara returned to Okinawa.

Seeking to continue his training, Takara became a historian of Ryukyuan busaa. Through his research, he met and trained with many teachers from across the island. This path eventually led him to the Shinbukan and Akamine Sensei in 1975. In addition to RyuKyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai, Takara also learned Funakoshi-ryu karate from Akamine. A cheerful and powerful practitioner of an eclectic blend of karate, Takara is a kyoshi nanadan in Ryukyu Kobudo. Today, Takara shares primary teaching responsibilities with Akamine Hiroshi at the Shinbukan.