Inomoto Masaru Kyoshi

Inomoto Masaru

Inomoto Masaru

Inomoto Masaru was born on May 27, 1938 and raised in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. After joining the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force at the age of seventeen, Inomoto began the study of Chito-ryu karate, under founder Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose.

Taira Shinken conducted several kobudo clinics at Chitose’s dojo. Inomoto attended several of these seminars and became quite interested in Ryukyu Kobudo.

However, he would not have the opportunity for regular instruction until some years later when his military career took him to Okinawa in 1973. Knowing he would be staying in Okinawa for six years, Inomoto sought out Taira Shinken. Upon hearing of Taira’s death, he sought his successor and found Akamine Eisuke. After explaining his interest, he was accepted as a student.

Today, Inomoto is a kyoshi nanadan (seventh degree black belt) in Ryukyu Kobudo and responsible for its development in Kyushu, Japan. He is also kyudan (ninth degree black belt) in Chito-ryu karate and rokudan in Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu iaido.