Arnold’s BOC Martial Arts Festival


March 2-3-4 in Columbus, Ohio. Kobudo Seminars, Competition, and Best of the Best. Please join us. Go to BOC Games to sign up.

Karate, Empty hands – Full mind; Kobudo, Full hands – Empty mind!


Passing of Hanshi William J. Dometrich, Sr.


Service 11Am Saturday, March 31st, Allison & Rose Funeral Home, Taylor Mill Visitation 9AM until 11M Sataruday, March 31st at the funeral home. William \”Hanshi\” Joseph Dometrich, Sr. Age 77. Resident of Union, KY formerly of Covington, KY. Passed away on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at the St. Elizabeth Hospice, Edgewood, KY. Born March 15,…

13th Usuko Embu Tai Kai for Akamine Eisuke Shinshi


This Reminder is for our 13th Usuko Embu Tai Kai. Translated, it’s for the Anniversary of the passing of my teacher Akamine Eisuke Shinshi. Note: In Okinawa culture, they add a year at birth and at death. We have celebrated this event chronologically which is actually the 12th for us, but since the 13th year…

Memo “Trademark”


A friendly reminder that Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai, Beikoku Sou Honbu was issued to Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich by Akamine Eituke Sensei and has been Trademarked in the United States (2000 – 2009). Any person or organization who does not belong to the U.S. Headquarters, is not permitted to wear the patch so designated on…

DVD on Basics for Sale: Tekko, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Bo, and Sai


DVDs on the basics of tekko, nunchaku, tonfa, bo, and sai are on sale. They are short, not redundant, and include the fundamentals of the respective weapon. There were not made to be fancy, just waza. To learn more or to purchase, please go to or email me directly. Sensei よし子

2007 Year End Report


Fellow Members, 2007 has been busy for the United States Honbu. The year began, as it always does with the “Akamine Eitsuke Sensei Tsuitou Embu Taikai” held in Florida. Students from across the US and Canada attended. And, those who could not attend trained privately at their home dojos in honor of Akamine Sensei’s memory.…