2nd Master’s Memorial (Marking our 14th Memorial for Akamine Shinshi)

Good Morning Everyone,

This is the final Memorandum for the up coming events.
Please be advised that this event is celebrated throughout the U.S., Canada, and several countries including Japan and Okinawa. This is perhaps the only Celebration performed in unison (disregarding time zones) of its kind, that brings every martial artist together to remember those who have contributed to our Martial Arts experience around the world who are no longer with us. Be it a teacher, Sensei, Sempai, Kohai, Kyodai, or Seito……. or merely a friend……it goes on and on how we touch one another’s lives through an “art” or “do.” This event has no style or system, it belongs to all of us.
Many of you who cannot attend our small event in Florida, will have celebrations at your dojos, and even a single candle will be lit in memory of someone who was an icon in your training, a mentor that effected your life from then on!!!!! My adopted father is first on my list, but I have also lost one of my dearest Akamine Eitsuke Shinshi for which this annual memorial actually started 14 years ago.  Losing Hanshi Abele as a mentor was profound, and I probably will miss “Jisho” Jimmy Sullivan forever!
So, many precious people come to mind, but I want as many remembered as possible for their untiring patience in teaching us and I would like to share all of these people with everyone. I have some bios and pictures, but if you would like us to remember someone at our event, and annually, please send me a picture if you have one, or a short bio and we shall share it and place it on the alter….. Those for whom we have celebrated, will continue in perpetuity through our Archives.
Those who participated, please notify me so I can send you a memorial certificate as a token of appreciation.
One last reminder: The official and authenticity of this event is determined by the sincerity of it’s participants……. 
Following is the schedule, addresses will follow…. Note: The two cancelled due to weather, will be rescheduled in March – look for an update!  Thanks
Master’s Memorial 2-1 and Seminar 2-5 :Kabboords Dojo:
1897 S. Patrick Dr.
Satellite Beach FL, 32937  beachsidekarate.com
The Bamboo Dojo, Vero Beach,
2111 14th Ave.
The Bamboo Dojo
Vero Beach FL , 32960
Yoseikan: Sensei Binkley
1521 Iowa Place
Orlando FL us, 32803
Yoshukai: Sensei Norris
Gainesville, FL us, 32803
Look forward to seeing or hearing from you, safe travels, Ganbatte!!!!
Sensei  859.409.9929
Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich
Kyoshi 8th Dan
Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai
Beikoku So Honbu (U.S Sole Hq)

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