13th Usuko Embu Tai Kai for Akamine Eisuke Shinshi

This Reminder is for our 13th Usuko Embu Tai Kai. Translated, it’s for the Anniversary of the passing of my teacher Akamine Eisuke Shinshi.

Note: In Okinawa culture, they add a year at birth and at death. We have celebrated this event chronologically which is actually the 12th for us, but since the 13th year is important in their culture, I decided to add a year. This keeps us in sync with Okinawa.

WHEN: Feb. 5, 2011 at 1:00 PM

WHERE: Kabboords Family Martial Art School, 1897 S. Patrick Dr., Satellite Beach, FL. 32937

CONTACT: sensei@kobudo.com or Kabboord@earthlink.net or their website at: beachsidekarate.com

INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR USUKO EMBU TAIKAI: If you cannot make it to Florida to this event in person, I hope everyone, all dojos across the world will conduct your own event for which you will receive a Certificate of Participation from the U.S. Honbu. A white alter is constructed (size does not matter) and incense is lit to purify the air and candles light the way for Shinshi to find your dojo. This is NOT a religious conjecture! We can then train in unison all over the world in remembrance for Shinshi. (You do not have to be a member nor shibu, this is open to literally EVERYONE!)

PARTICIPATION:  Since this year is special, I would like to request everyone to send me a piece of paper with your dojo name and signatures from the students. One name holds just as much weight as many, so please send it to me, or scan and email, or send a picture of your students who trained and I will print it out. My goal here is to send Shinshi’s wife this package, as I am sure it will be placed on the family alter. She has NO idea of the magnitude of those that practice Ryu Kyu Kobudo or some facet of the Taira Shinken lineage.

Akamine Shinshi’s wife is Shizuko Akamine and is in her 90’s now and has never been outside of Okinawa. She probably sits in front of the TV and sips tea and used to occasionally sweep the small foyer and garden. She used to do laundry everyday and hang it outside to dry. I started calling her Anma Sai some 35 years ago, translated means “mother” in Okinawa hogan.  Most everyone refers to her now as Anma!

Do you know who she is? She is the daughter of Higa Raisuke.

Do you know who Higa Raisuke is? He’s one of 4 deshi of Chinen Sanda.

Do you know who Chinen Sanda is? He’s the FOUNDER of YAMANI RYU

Historical Note: While Akamine Shinshi was training under Higa Raisuke in his garden, he met Shizuko San and they were married.

So perhaps this gives you a better insight as to why I want to send a package to Anma Sai on this special year.

Some dojos have their own style event every year or sponsor tournaments. This is our BIG event of the year and your support is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from ALL of you, and may God Bless,



Devorah Yoshiko Dometrich

Kyoshi 8th Dan

Beikoku So Honbu Cho (US Sole Hdqt.)

Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai

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